Tips To Get Rid Of A Hornets Nest

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Tips To Get Rid Of A Hornets Nest

Tips To Get Rid Of A Hornets Nest

16 July 2019
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Hornets and wasps are both capable of stinging, and they both can sting you multiple times. Hornets, on the other hand, can be very aggressive, especially if you are near their nest. Their nests are usually near the eaves of homes or attached to tree branches or other areas and are gray in color. They are usually triangular in shape with a circular opening. As you get rid of the nest, you need to be very careful. Read on for helpful tips.

Approach At Night

Don't attempt to approach the nest during the day. If you get too close to the nest or disturb the nest in any way during the day, you could end up stirring up the colony and causing injury to yourself or others. Wait to approach the nest until after dark when the hornets are inside the nest and not as active. Don't flash a light on the nest in an attempt to see. Instead, try to approach it in the dark or cover your light with red cloth.

Spray The Nest

Spray the nest to kill the hornets inside the nest. Spraying at night can also ensure that the hornets are in the nest and that you aren't just spraying an empty nest. You want to get rid of both the hornets and the nest. Douse the nest as much as you can with the spray and try to stand far enough back in the event any do actually fly out of the nest. Repeat this method for a few nights to be sure you have gotten rid of all of the hornets before you attempt to do anything with the nest. Keep a close eye (from a safe distance) on the nest to see if there is any activity.

Remove The Nest

Once you are sure you have killed all of the hornets inside and haven't noticed any hornets coming or going from the nest, you can remove the nest. If it isn't too large, you can spray it with the garden hose to remove it. If you don't feel comfortable removing the nest yourself, especially if it's a larger nest, hire a professional pest control services company to come out and remove the nest safely for you. 

Hornets are dangerous pests, as they can sting multiple times, which can cause injury to you or others nearby. If you aren't comfortable getting rid of the hornets yourself, hire a professional to remove the hornets and the nest carefully and safely.

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