Tips For Keeping Raccoons Off Your Property

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Tips For Keeping Raccoons Off Your Property

Tips For Keeping Raccoons Off Your Property

28 January 2019
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The vegetables in your garden are devoured, the trash can is knocked over and emptied all over your yard, and there is only one masked culprit who could cause this level of destruction: raccoons. Once a raccoon sees your property as an easy source of food, it will continue to come back and wreak more havoc.

Luckily, there are several ways you can keep raccoons from accessing your garden, trash cans, and yard.

Make Your Garbage Less Noticeable And Less Accessible

The smell of your garbage is attracting raccoons and if it is easily-accessible, the raccoons will continue to rummage through it and make a huge mess. Double bagging your garbage is one way to mask the odors inside. Cover your garbage cans and if raccoons are pulling them off, secure them with rope, bungee cords, or hold the lids down with a heavy object.

Storing your garbage cans in a shed is another option, especially if all the other methods were unsuccessful.

Clean Up Your Yard

Eliminate any food, including pet food, from your yard. If you have fruit trees, pick up any fruit that falls on the ground. Make your bird feeders inaccessible by hanging them from a tall pole instead of a tree. Get rid of any standing water, including water inside a bird feeder, empty bucket, or unused flowerpots.

Raccoons dig holes in lawns searching for insects and grubs. Fill in these holes to prevent water from collecting in them as well.

Install Motion Detecting Lights

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and are frightened of bright lights. Installing motion detecting lights in areas where raccoons frequent, such as near trash cans, around your garden, and spots in your yard where you've noticed raccoon activity. Choose motion sensing lights that are designed for use on nuisance animals.

Contact A Professional Pest Control Agent

Finally, if you've tried every method or the raccoon problem is too large to handle on your own, contact a professional for assistance. A professional can provide you with additional tips to deter raccoons and remove any raccoons that are making themselves at home on your property. For example, a pest control agent can set up live traps on your yard and remove the raccoons that are caught.

Do not attempt to catch and relocate raccoons on your own. The raccoons will be frightened and belligerent and will attempt to attack you.

Raccoons are a common nuisance animal that can be kept out of your yard, garden, and trash cans with the right techniques and the help of a professional pest control agent. For more information, check out websites like today.

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