Got Bed Bugs? Tracing The Infestation

This blog is all about recognizing the pests in your home, so that exterminators can use the right chemicals to treat the problem.

Got Bed Bugs? Tracing The Infestation

Got Bed Bugs? Tracing The Infestation

15 August 2018
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No one wants to find bed bugs in their home. If you find yourself with an infestation, you may be wondering where they came from -- especially if you work hard to maintain a clean house. Unfortunately, bed bugs can hitch a ride into even the most well kept house, and cleanliness has no real bearing on whom will get an infestation. Understanding some of the common sources of bed bug introduction can help you plan to avoid future bed bug invasions.

Hotel stays

Most hotels work very hard to stay bed bug free, but with the amount of guest that cycle through occasionally bed bugs become an issue. They can then hitch a ride home with you in your clothing or luggage. To minimize the chances of this happening, check the mattresses for stains around the seams that indicate bed bugs. Also, keep your luggage on the bathroom, since it's unlikely that bed bugs will invade the tiles area. Wash your clothing as soon as you get home and store suitcases in sealed garbage bags just in case they harbor any pests.


Sometimes guests can bring bed bugs into your home, usually because they are unaware that they have been exposed to the little beasts. Prevention does require some tact. Have a separate, empty closet for hanging guest coats -- don't toss them on a bed in the spare room. For overnight guests, place bed legs into bed bug traps. These hold water and create a moat so the bed bugs can leave the bed. Vacuum the room well once your guests depart.


Your kids can becoming an unwitting vector if they go to a sleepover at a home that has bed bugs. Prevention is similar to that for hotel stays. Wash all your child's belongings as soon as they get home and have your child bathe. These two tasks can help prevent any bed bugs from getting into your house.

Furniture — Used and New

Many people avoid used upholstered furniture items due to bed bug worries, but new furniture can sometimes come with the pests. This is because many furniture dealers provide haul-away services for customers to help them get rid of their old furniture. So your new living room set could end up in the same delivery truck as a bed bug infested mattress. If you are planning for furniture delivery, find out what steps the dealer takes to avoid bed bugs. If you aren't satisfied, make arrangements to get the furniture yourself.

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