Methods Of Non-Toxic Mosquito Control

This blog is all about recognizing the pests in your home, so that exterminators can use the right chemicals to treat the problem.

Methods Of Non-Toxic Mosquito Control

Methods Of Non-Toxic Mosquito Control

31 July 2016
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Summertime has many positive aspects, but the influx of mosquitoes is not one of them. If you live near a lake or river, the problem is multiplied. Mosquitoes carry a variety of possibly deadly diseases, including the Nile virus and Zika. Controlling the mosquito population is vital for your family's health, but some control products contain harmful toxins. Fortunately, you can often use natural substances to combat the problem.

Neem Oil

Neem oil comes from the Neem tree and is found in India. It offers many advantages when it comes to mosquitoes. This oil both repels and kills this pest, and it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and easy to apply. It won't hurt your plants, your family, or your pets. You can buy it in discount stores or online in ready-to-spray or concentrated form for an affordable price. Neem oil is also touted for its ability to improve your skin and has many other uses. You really can't lose when you invest in this miracle oil.


You can reduce the mosquito population in your yard by getting rid of standing water sources. You may need to haul dirt and reseed spots in your yard or contact your landscaper. Also, make sure your bird baths and other water containers contain fresh water. Make certain to plant marigolds in your flower beds and borders. Their scent naturally repels pests, including flying ones.  These simple steps can help eliminate the mosquito problem in a totally harmless way.

Professional Pest Control

If you are unable to control your mosquito population, reach out to the professionals. You can find many companies that now work with non-toxic and even organic substances. You may need to do a bit of research, but many companies have adopted these methods due to customer demand and their own desire to protect the environment. They may use repellents made from natural plant oils or other harmless ingredients and apply them using sophisticated control methods. 

Managing your mosquito population is more important than ever before, partly due to the Zika virus now being present in the United States. In some instances, you can manage the problem yourself, using natural methods that won't harm you or your family members. Don't hesitate to call in the pest control professionals and have them use organic materials to fight your mosquito problem. You do not have to rely on toxic chemicals to keep your safe from the diseases that mosquitoes bring. 

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