4 Tips For Controlling Indoor Spiders

This blog is all about recognizing the pests in your home, so that exterminators can use the right chemicals to treat the problem.

4 Tips For Controlling Indoor Spiders

4 Tips For Controlling Indoor Spiders

22 February 2016
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Of the different types of pests you may find inside your home, spiders are one of the most common. There are many different varieties of spiders, from daddy long-legs to simple garden spiders that made their way inside. Here are some tips for controlling spiders and preventing more from getting inside.

Seal Off the Entrances First

Before you start to get rid of the spiders in your home, you need to make sure none of their friends come inside. This requires figuring out how the spiders are getting in. Look around your home's foundation for cracks and holes that small spiders could fit through. These holes may be in the drywall, or cracks along the edge of your windows and doors. Having gaps around the windows is another common way they get in, along with torn window screens. Also look for areas where cracks may be hidden, such as between the wall and ceiling, and around your baseboards.

Use Mint to Deter Them

If you want to get rid of the spiders in a natural way, you can actually cause them to leave if they find a way out. It also keeps more from entering your home if you missed some gaps or cracks that give them a way in. One excellent deterrent for most spiders is peppermint. They hate the smell of mint and won't come anywhere near spaces where they smell it. You can use some peppermint essential oil that is added to a spray bottle of water to spread it around your home. Put it near windows and doors, around the perimeter of your home, and in crawl spaces and attics where spiders tend to hide.

Keep Your Home As Clean As Possible

You also want to reduce spider infestation by keeping your home clean. You may be a great housekeeper, but consider areas of your home where there might be hidden crumbs or trash that isn't picked up immediately. For example, if your kids often eat snacks in their room, they might have food debris piling up, which can encourage spiders to investigate. You may also have cardboard boxes or trash on the side of your home, which is enticing the spiders toward your home and giving them a reason to take a look and find food sources.

Set Out Traps

When it comes to catching and killing spiders, it can be difficult to do unless you see them at your level. If they are on the ceiling, you might not want to use a broom, as it could knock them down but not kill them. Who knows where they could be. A better option is to set out spider traps. These are glue traps that have a scent spiders are drawn to, yet once they get on the glue, they become stuck. Set out the traps in areas where you have seen the spiders. Remember to check them and collect the spiders to dispose of them regularly.

If these methods are not effective, contact a pest control company for assistance.

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