Tips For Preventing Winter Mouse Infestations

This blog is all about recognizing the pests in your home, so that exterminators can use the right chemicals to treat the problem.

Tips For Preventing Winter Mouse Infestations

Tips For Preventing Winter Mouse Infestations

21 November 2015
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When the winter weather settles in, mice often start looking for warmer, drier places to settle and build nests. That puts your home at risk of a mouse infestation. If the thought of sharing your home with these little critters is more than you're willing to accept, you'll have to be proactive to keep them out. Here are a few mouse control tips to help you keep them out all winter long.

Patch Up the Holes

Mice can get through the smallest of spaces, so it's important that you walk around the outside of the house and look for any signs of damage that may permit a mouse entry. Even holes as small as a dime can be open entry for small mice. Fill holes with foam insulation or cover them with a thick wire mesh material. This will create a barrier to keep the mice from gaining entry to your house.

Don't Let Them Hide

When mice find your home, they're likely to start looking for cubbies, crawl spaces and any other small areas where they can hide. Make sure that your home doesn't offer any such comforting spaces for them to settle. This might include dried leaf piles, stacks of dry firewood or any other spaces that are obstructed enough for them to hide. The less inviting the space around your house is, the less likely they'll be to come in looking for more respite.

Clean Up the Trash

Household trash is an endless source of food for mice, and the smell will draw lots of them in search of an easy meal. Consider investing in garbage cans that are resistant to rodents, and keep them as far away from your home as possible. If they can't get into the outside garbage cans, they aren't likely to be tempted by the indoors either.

Bring in the Pros

Call a pest control company for more support if you're having trouble keeping mice out of your house. The pest control company will help you evaluate the property, find the vulnerabilities and address them accordingly. Additionally, the pest control specialist will also help you trap and eliminate any mice that have settled in the house.

With so many options to keep mice at bay this winter, it's important that you're proactive about it. The tips here will help you protect your house from mice before snow flies, and will help you deal with any mice that find their way in.

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