3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Recurring Maggots

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3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Recurring Maggots

3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Recurring Maggots

29 October 2015
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Maggots are the larvae stage of house flies, and can become a nuisance quickly due to a rapid growth cycle and a knack for sneaking into unwanted areas. If your home is experiencing a recurring maggot problem, you might want to call in a pest control company to take care of the problem for good. But there are also a few other tips you can use to get rid of the maggots as quickly as possible.

Douse Existing Maggots with Boiling Water or Seal Them Up

Combat an existing maggot infestation quickly by pouring boiling water on the maggots, which will kill the maggots instantly. You can then dispose of the bodies so that other maggots don't spring up to eat the dead maggots.

If the maggots are somewhere that isn't practical to throw boiling water, you can first try to collect the maggots. You can do this by hand wearing a plastic glove or using a disposable plastic scooper. Toss the maggots into a trash bag, tie it tightly shut, then put that trash bag into a tightly sealed bin. The maggots will still be alive and get to snack on your trash on the way out to the landfill, which is a ripe breeding ground for maggots.

But getting rid of the maggots isn't enough. Go around your house and kill all the existing flies with a swatter or bug spray. Flies can just breed more maggots, so you want the flies gone as soon as possible.

Dispose of Trash Properly

Maggots are attracted to trash – specifically to rotting food. Make sure you don't leave any raw food sitting out over night. Wash dishes in the sink as soon as possible to avoid food rotting between stacked dishes. Use a kitchen trash can with a tight lid, make sure you take the bag out often, and clean the inside of the can itself at least every couple of weeks.

If you take your trash to a rolling bin outside your house for pickup, make sure the bin closes securely and isn't positioned right up against your house.

Clean up any yard waste or decomposing yard materials as quickly as possible. Maggots can take hold in that organic material and then begin the slow transition into your home.

Create a Perimeter Defense

Keep maggots and flies from entering your home by calling in a pest control service such as Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc for regular spraying. The pest control service will take care of any existing maggot problems and lay product down around window sills, doorways and any other exterior areas that might be vulnerable to maggots and flies entering.

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