Removing A Rodent Infestation From An Apartment Complex

This blog is all about recognizing the pests in your home, so that exterminators can use the right chemicals to treat the problem.

Removing A Rodent Infestation From An Apartment Complex

Removing A Rodent Infestation From An Apartment Complex

27 October 2015
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If you are a property manager for an apartment complex, and you have been alerted there is a rampant mouse invasion within some of the units, you will need to work quickly in removing them for your tenants' safety and to alleviate any damage that they can incur. Here are some ways you can remove mice from several apartment units and a few ways to keep new mice from entering once you have handled the infestation.

Start By Notification

Sent a notification via mail or email to each tenant renting a home within the complex alerting them there is a known rodent problem. Ask each person to take precautionary steps to help keep mice from staying within the walls of the units. Remind renters to keep their homes clean by vacuuming regularly and making sure to place leftover food in their refrigerator rather than leaving it out for mice to have a readily available food source. Alert tenants to notify you if they see any mice so you can determine where they are getting into the building according to whose apartments are having trouble with these pests.

Remove Entryways

After you have found out which units have a mouse problem, you will be able to better pinpoint where they are getting inside of the homes. Do a complete evaluation of the exterior of the apartments and fill in any apparent crack with caulk. Holes can be covered with flashing to keep mice from getting inside the buildings. Place screens over chimneys and vents on the rooftops to keep mice from slipping inside. 

Use Trapping Methods

Purchase several mousetraps to give to renters who are having difficulty with mice in their homes. Offer them a choice of humane or kill traps and give them a rundown of how to use each one properly. If they opt for humane traps, inform them to remove any trapped mice far from the complex if possible so they do not gain entry again. If they decide on kill traps, remind them to check the traps regularly so they can remove carcasses before they start to smell. If the mouse population doesn't seem to dwindle, calling a pest control service may be best.

Place Some Deterrents 

Once you have removed mice from the apartment units, use deterrents to help keep new mice from getting inside. Place a few decoys to keep mice from wanting to gain entry. This can include fake owls or snakes, which you can purchase from a hunting or sporting goods store. Mice do not care for the smell of peppermint. Place a peppermint plant on the front porch of each unit. Dip cotton balls inside peppermint oil and place them inside each unit to help keep mice from wanting to enter the area. If your tenants are not allergic to cats, consider keeping an outdoor cat on the complex grounds to help hunt any mice in the area. More about this topic, pest control, can be found here.

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